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Second chance banking accounts in Kentucky are available at select non ChexSystems banks and credit unions across the state. These are real banks and credit unions that offer special second chance checking opportunities or that do not use ChexSystems or EWS when new accounts are opened. These banks and credit unions will offer insured accounts with check writing privileges and ATM and/or Visa/MasterCard debit cards.


If you are one of the many Americans living in Kentucky without a checking account, you may be able to find a bank or credit union or other banking alternative that can help you regain control of your personal finances.

When applying for one of the second chance banking accounts in Kentucky, please know that you will greatly improve your chances of being approved if you make sure all monies owed to past banks or credit unions has been paid in full. This will show prospective banks that you are responsible for paying your debts and most importantly, there was no intent to commit fraud. If the bank representative has the smallest since that you tried to fraud your previous banks, you will be denied on the spot and there will not be another chance at that bank. So the best way is to head it off as soon as you can. If you can not afford to pay off the monies owed, get the Ready Debit prepaid debit card (click here for more info) to help you manage your money until you can get the money paid and your name as clear as possible.

100% Guaranteed Banking Alternative

Account Now – Account Now offers a low and simple fee structure, FREE online bill pay and is FDIC insured just like any local bank or credit union. The monthly fee is comparable and even less than some prime banks (compare monthly fee to BB&T, 5th 3rd, or Citi Bank). If your looking for the perfect banking alternative and solid way to manage your personal finances, then we strongly recommend the *100% Guaranteed Approval Account Now. Get more info and apply here.

*100% guaranteed approval is based upon your completing the application and providing all requested information.

Second Chance Banking Accounts in Kentucky

The banks and credit unions listed have been reported to offer second chance checking, but we can not guarantee (disclaimer) that you will be able to get an account. Be careful applying since denied applications can further damage your ChexSystems and EWS report.

IMPORTANT – You should not go into a bank saying you found their bank listed on or mention anything about being listed in ChexSystems or Early Warning Services. The reason is because some of the banks listed do not use any account verification and your mentioning second chance checking or ChexSystems/EWS may set off warning signs and cause you not to be approved.

First Security Bank
First Southern National Bank
First State Bank

ATTN Banks – If your bank does not offer second chance banking accounts in Kentucky or if you would like to have your bank removed, please contact us here